Software Platforms

Phoenix™ PK/PD Platform
Certara's Phoenix™ platform, used by 6000 researchers and 11 global regulatory agencies, is the most comprehensive and widely-used software for pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, and toxicokinetic modeling and simulation.
Simcyp™ PBPK Simulator
Used by all of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies, together with the US FDA and other regulatory agencies, the Simcyp™ Simulator is the industry’s most sophisticated solution for assisting in dose selection and informing product labeling
Pirana Modeling Workbench
Pirana is a flexible, extendible pharmacometrics workbench that provides structure, tools, and a graphical user interface to facilitate creating models and performing simulations.
Integral Data Repository
Certara Integral™ is a single, validated, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant data repository that streamlines clinical pharmacology workflow. with secure and pre-validated technology.
Cardiac Safety Simulator
The Cardiac Safety Simulator integrates physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modeling and simulation with a cardiomyocyte model to predict the cardiac effects of drugs.
Quantitative Systems Pharmacology
QSP combines modeling and data to predict how drugs modify cellular networks and how they impact and are impacted by human pathophysiology.
Trial Simulator
Trusted by pharmaceutical companies for over a decade to maximize probability of trial success, Trial Simulator delivers robust tools to plan relevant and effective trials.
D360™ Scientific Informatics
The D360™ platform, used by over 6,000 discovery scientists for small molecule and biologics research, provides self-service data access and integrated analysis solution.
Quantitative Systems Toxicology and Safety
QSTS takes a computational approach to gain insights into the link between molecular interactions and adverse effects.
Simcyp™ In Vitro Data Analysis (SIVA) Toolkit
SIVA assists with analyzing complex in vitro studies to assess the exposure, metabolism, transport, and dissolution and solubility of drugs.
NEW! Phoenix PK/PD Platform version 8.3

Our Phoenix™ platform is the leading PK/PD modeling and simulation software used worldwide for non-compartmental analysis, population PK, and IVIVC.

Trusted by more than 6,000 researchers at biopharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, and global regulatory agencies, including the FDA, EMA, and PMDA, Phoenix features a user-friendly interface and built-in visualization and reporting tools to get the outputs you need.

Our last release includes open source plotting, upgrades to Reporter and Phoenix NLME, and more.

Quantitative Systems Pharmacology

QSP has enormous potential to improve pharma R&D productivity. Most major pharma organizations are investing in it. QSP may also be able to leverage the enormous amounts of information we now have access to, including genomics and proteomics data.

With Simcyp’s QSP solutions, optimize drug discovery and development with quantitative systems pharmacology to more accurately correlate the physiological differences between preclinical models and human patients.

We have already established two QSP Consortia, in partnership with leading biopharmaceutical companies, to develop Immunogenicity and Immuno-oncology Simulators. A third QSP Consortia on Neurodegenerative Diseases is in progress.

Trial Simulator

9 out of 10 drugs in development fail to make it to market. Late stage failures are especially costly as companies have already invested hundreds of millions of dollars in earlier phases. One reason for trial failures is suboptimal trial design.

Our Trial Simulator™ has been used for over a decade by leading companies to maximize their chances of trial success. Leveraging existing knowledge for a drug under study with simulation, you can find answers to critical questions.

Using Trial Simulator, you can anticipate risks and preview the range of expected results before millions in R&D dollars are spent and human subjects are exposed to experimental therapies.

Certara also offers trial simulation and design consulting services.

Our people, your experts

Karen Yeo, PhD

Senior Vice President, Simcyp

Since 2002, Karen has led projects relating to the extrapolation of in vitro data to predict in vivo pharmacokinetics in humans. This has included development and implementation of the models into the Simcyp Simulator.  

Piet van der Graaf, PhD

Senior Vice President, QSP

With over 15 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry at Sanofi and Pfizer, Piet bringss considerable skill and experience to QSP projects and contributes to the strategic development of Certara.  He is also Editor-in-Chief of CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology.

Kevin Trimm, MSc

Vice President of Product Management

Kevin brings over 14 years of experience in pharmaceutical drug development and research.  He spearheads the product strategy for the Phoenix platform and leads implementation of technology solutions, collaborating closely with clients.

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